Dedicated Internet Access


If your business transacts high online sales volumes, has Internet applications that use a lot of bandwidth or you use cloud based business critical applications accessed via the Internet, then Dedicated Internet Access is the ideal solution. With a range of speeds, 2Mbps up to 1Gbps the service provides faster, more reliable secure Internet access than today’s business broadband services offer. It is an un-contended service which means you will receive all the bandwidth you are paying for, and the flexibility to increase bandwidth requirements quickly as your needs change. The service can optionally be supplied with dual access connections for customers whose business continuity requires zero downtime.


  • Dedicated to business customers – our service runs across the most extensive next-generation network dedicated to business customers only, which means that you are not competing with consumer traffic.
  • Flexible and scalable – throttled options available so that you can scale for growth, but only pay for the bandwidth you require at the time. Also a ‘burst’ option provides you with extra bandwidth to meet peaks in demand, and at an affordable price.
  • In control – online reporting allows you to track the performance of your connection including utilisation, availability and errors.
  • Peace of mind – marketing leading Standards of Service supported by a full service credit regime, because we understand that Internet access is business critical.
  • Dual Access options can be provided as “backup” or “dual working” options, thus come with higher availability guarantees.

Technical features

  • Symmetrical service with no contention
  • Registration or re-delegation of Domain names
  • Registration of one or more blocks of IP addresses to RIPE guidelines
  • Optional network security features to protect against Denial of Service attacks
  • Resilient service available if you need near 100% availability.


Will my traffic compete with home users playing games?

THUS DIA services run on a network that is dedicated to Business customers only.

If I take a dual access backup option, will the fail-over between primary and secondary circuits happen automatically?

Yes, the auto-failover happens automatically when you take the ‘managed router’ option.

Will you install my Router and fix it if things go wrong?

Yes, THUS will help you select the correct router for your requirements, then install, configure and maintain it for you.

I’m not sure how much bandwidth I need.

THUS can deliver your DIA service in such a way that it can be upgraded quickly and easily when you decide you need more bandwidth.

What is the major difference between my existing ADSL circuit and DIA?

Unlike your ADSL circuit, your DIA service will deliver bandwidth at the same rate both upstream and downstream, and your bandwidth speeds are guaranteed all the way to the Internet.


Limited Offer*

FREE install when you buy Dedicated Internet Acccess

* Offer is based on signing a 3 year contract. Router not included.