Calls and Lines


High-quality business telephony services are a prerequisite for almost every business. If you want to reduce your expenses without sacrificing performance, Calls and Lines delivers high quality business telephony with extremely competitive calls costs, while allowing you to retain your BT lines and numbers. We use an independent third party to show you how much you could reduce your call costs by, so you know in advance what the service can offer and how much money you are likely to save. Your calls are routed over the C&WW network, using Carrier Pre Selection without needing any of your equipment or numbers to be changed.


  • Extremely competitive – a highly competitive call tariff that is guaranteed to beat BT by 25%.
  • Honest and Transparent – we use an independent third party to analyse your bill, and show you how much you can save. There are no hidden charges – e.g. we don’t have any “call connect” charges.
  • Immediate savings – quick and easy to set up so you can start saving in a couple of weeks. There’s nothing to sign – just say YES and we’ll do it all for you and send you a copy of the contract.
  • Peace of Mind – the C&WW network is the UK’s largest business network and is constantly monitored so you can be assured of maximum performance and reliability.
  • Highly flexible – as your business grows the service can be set up across an individual site or multiple sites and individual telephone numbers.
  • In control – ability to easily view and analyse your bills online.

Technical features

  • Carrier pre selection (CPS) still uses the concept of access codes, but the access codes are implemented at the exchange rather than the customers’ premises.
  • As the call reaches the exchange, BT’s systems can identify the call, with the aid of the access code, and route it over the relevant operator’s network. These 8xxx codes are administered by Ofcom and are only available to a licensed CPS Operator. CPS is a more effective and efficient way of re-routing calls.


What happens to my network and calling features?

Any features on your lines are transferred as they are.

What service levels do you offer?

Exactly the same as BT – we use the same engineers from Openreach.