At THUS we believe it’s not what we say about ourselves that’s important, but what others say about us.

We believe our capabilities, expertise, experience and ambition are second to none in serving UK business customers and we are proud to work with a wide range of businesses across every UK sector. Read how we have helped some of these customers and take a look at some of the services and solutions we have provided to give you an insight into our expertise, industry knowledge and the value we can bring to your business.

Find out more about our customers, and how we have helped them achieve their business goals.

  • Our relationship is really strong and is based on partnership and trust.
  • We work with a number of carriers and suppliers, but our relationship with THUS is the smoothest.
  • I know that with THUS I can make a call and they are on it straight away. That’s something you cannot put a price on.
  • Going forward, without a doubt we will embrace VoIP telephony. And when we do, we will so with THUS.
  • One of the main reasons we moved to THUS was because of the cost savings we would make.
  • Now we have everything under one bill and I can see where all my costs are.
  • I am very happy to be with THUS.
  • We wanted to work with a bigger, more professional outfit who took more of a partnership approach to solving issues should they arise.
  • The support has been fantastic.
  • A real highlight has been the dedicated Customer Relationship Manager at THUS, who is always there to personally support us with any unusual customer requests or queries. The experience has been really positive.
  • As a trusted provider we are happy to embrace new THUS technologies which we believe will add true value and differentiate ourselves.
  • As a long term partner THUS understand our business really well.